Danny Funderburk

Democratic Candidate 

A fresh set of eyes and ears for the people of Gainesville

To Support Danny's Campaign

Areas of Focus

Fully Funded Education

  •  Provide proper financial resources for our Schools

  •  Five year plan to reduce trailers and class size

  •  Competitive teacher salary and benefits

Common Sense Planning

  •  Transportation plan built with the future in mind

  •  Increased funding from Smart Scale

  •  Enhanced mass transit options

Workforce Development

  •  Productive partnerships with state and local agencies

  •  Support Virginia Values Veterans V3

  •  Increased utilization of Department of Economic Development


His Approach


Developing 'and' solutions which are inclusive rather than 'or' solutions which favor one group over another 

Always considering the best interests of the citizens of the Gainesville Magistrate when attending to the County’s business

Decisions should be strategic, addressing both the needs of today and the long term best interests of the county

Get to Know

Additional Information

Danny has a Masters in Human Resource Management, a Bachelors in Business Management and a 20 year career in Learning and Development. He has dedicated himself to helping companies meet the needs of their people, clarify their goals and be strategic in accomplishing them.

Danny provides expertise in workforce development for a local company and several non-profit boards. He is involved in the Northern Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Community Colleges. He has been a member of the Society of Human Resource Management and the Association of Training and Development. His volunteer activities have included being a set of helping hands for Habitat for Humanity and engaging children to read at public Libraries. 

Danny and his fiancé Terry have been together since 2007 and live in Heritage Hunt. Together they have three daughters. His passions include personal development, history and reading biographies. 


Get Involved

Danny needs your involvement to win this race! You can help Danny by reaching out to the voters, hosting meet and greets, inviting him to speak to your group and assisting with fundraising.

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