My Candidacy

I was not asked to run for this position by my company nor by the development industry as has been suggested by my opponent. I chose to run in order to raise the issues of workforce development and the need to create better solutions that meet the long-term needs of the county.

I am not a career politician.  I have no desire to tell people what they want to hear and then do what is politically expedient.  I have little use for political infighting, divisive rhetoric or personal agendas. My goal is to work with a team of people dedicated to the needs of all of Prince William County and not just the special few.

The Rural Crescent

The Rural Crescent is a vital part of the character of Prince William County. I have no desire to pave over the Rural Crescent and would work with my fellow board members to maintain its integrity.

I prefer options targeted to truly protect open spaces and allow flexibility to meet the diverse needs of the various residents in the Crescent. I do not support decisions that would make our current problems of school overcrowding, traffic congestion and unfair tax structure worse.

My Employer

My focus at William A. Hazel, Inc. is workforce development and training.  It is what I have done for the past 20 years; help organizations and people perform at higher levels.  William A. Hazel, Inc. is a site development company. As such, they are not the ones asking for Special Use Permits, Rezoning or exceptions to current rules.  

Our primary role is to ensure that the water, sewage and storm drainage MEET current requirements. The company IS NOT responsible for the changes to the Rural Crescent.